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May 31, 1942 Left at the church door

Dear Annilea:

Here we are into Sunday. Got left at the church door this morning, packed house, just when I was looking forward to a good sermon. Never mind, perhaps somebody else was in the church who needed it more than I did, although I very much doubt it. A beautiful day & a beautiful walk with a couple of the boys this afternoon. Had a bicycle this evening for a while & saw a few places I hadn’t seen before. To bed early because we’re leaving early in the morning.

My address will remain the same for the moment until I find out what’s what. Mail will be forwarded to me from the centre. Well Sweet, it would certainly have been beautiful to have had you here to go walking this forenoon, even to pushing a baby carriage. I do hope baby darling isn’t acting up & that she takes after her mother in most things. You know Darling, I often wonder that you put up with some of the things that I did, not that I meant to do them or to hurt you at anytime, I really & honestly love you too much for that, but at times I must have seemed a prig. Seems funny to be writing day after day & receiving no answer. Hope I haven’t long now.

Sweet Dreams Sweetheart,


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