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Nov 15, 1940 Drowned Rats

Aldershot, N.S.

Hello Darling:

I was just wondering if a certain little girl had quite forgotten that there is a boy, not so far away, that has missed, oh so terribly, having letters arrive at least twice a week. I will have to admit I haven’t been doing so well myself, but I have been terribly busy; but we’re thru with our makeshift squad to-day, so from now on I expect to have more time on my hands.

Have you had any rain or snow up there lately? For 3 days solid it has rained snow with no sign of a let up, which makes everything very dirty & damp. The officers were up firing on the range Thurs morning & afternoon. You talk about a bunch of drowned rats when they came back! If they could have gotten a hold of the officer that kept them there he’d have gone under a cold shower, clothes & all, for sure. Incidentally, two of the lads in our room did act up with the result that they did get put under the shower, clothes & all.

I’m terrible. Have nothing to do I slept the whole morning. Picket officer Saturday night, which means up all night, & in charge of church parade, Sunday. Guess I’ll get lots of time to rest over the weekend. A dance, a mild moon-lit night & a beautiful dark haired girl from P.E.I to-night would be my idea of heaven. Will it be long before you can make this dream come true? Don’t forget to eat, sleep & dream on it until we meet again.

Love always Darling,


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