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Nov 26, 1940 Measles Quarantine

Aldershot, N.S.

Dear Annilea:

Do you ever get any cold weather over there? Stood up on the range yesterday in a blinding snow storm. It was freezingly cold, plus there was a wind that practically blew you off your feet. The one cheerful point about it is that the sun usually managed to shine through the whole thing & that's a big help.

Went to church Sunday night as per usual & got roped into singing a solo next Sunday night. By the way, they have a young people’s get together & sing song after church each Sunday & I’ll have to admit it outdoes anything I’ve seen over on the Island. There were 228 in attendance last Sunday night & after half an hour singing they serve coffee, sandwiches & cake. Not bad for a small town like Kentville.

Well! Well! I guess I get another lay off to-day. Two platoons up on the range, MacDonald has his down on the square drilling them & mine, if you please, went into quarantine for Measles. Wouldn’t it be nice if I came down with a case of them too? I’ve only had them three times before, therefore, once or twice more wouldn’t hurt much.

They had a dance over in Acadia Gym Saturday night & I had a very nice evening. Met Barbie MacNeil, Nora’s girl friend from Summerside there, & made a nice break by asking her how she liked it over there, & as an after thought I suggested she had been over there the year before also, to which she retorted that this was her senior, 4th & final year. How time does pass.

So you see Darling it does seem to me that I have known you for years & years & years. Wouldn’t you like to be over here in my arms right now? Don’t you think it would be nice to be held tight & have the breath literally crushed out of you, to feel your lips so close, ah so close, to mine just let yourself thrill & let time stand still for the time being. And so darling I will just leave this thought with you until we meet after Christmas.

Loads of Love Dearest One,


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