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November 4, 1940 Church Parade

Aldershot, N.S.

Dear Annilea:

I was a very good boy yesterday. I was in charge of ‘A’ Company Church parade & although it poured up until 8 AM, it cleared up long enough for this & immediately afterwards proceeded to rain again. Played cards all afternoon, on Sunday. You are surprised, aren’t you? Feh! Tch! Never mind, I proceeded to church again that evening in Kentville. Afterwards, a young lady, a Miss Coy, invited us up to her place for tea which Doug & Ray Cunningham & I graciously accepted. I hope we entertained her correctly. She is a beautiful piano player & we got there just in time to hear Jack Benny. Incidentally, (where have I seen that word before) she gave us a nice lunch. Saturday afternoon we went over to Wolfville to watch Acadia play football against Navy & saw a real good game. Went to the show in the evening, shopping afterwards & then home.

Well! Well! The latest has just broken. From now on, beginning to-night, we have lectures by staff officers from 7 to 9 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday evenings. Now isn’t that just dandy! I suppose next they’ll want us to give lectures to our own troops on Wednesday & Saturday nights? Well! It doesn’t make any difference what we think, it’s what Colonel Jefferys’ thinks & as he’s just come back from Ottawa. I hope he hasn’t got any more big ideas up his sleeve that he intends to pull.

Darling, when I was sick I didn’t give a darn about anything or anybody, but now that I’ve returned to health I’m getting that old lonesome feeling. The last 3 weeks are a practical mystery to me & I often wonder just what I did do during that time. Now I’m beginning to feel again that I want you more & more. To you that may sound a little strange but to me it means everything. Kidding aside Darling, won’t it be possible for you to make a trip over here right after Christmas? It would mean so much to me & I’m sure you’d enjoy yourself immensely at dances etc. Money means nothing. Won’t you make a try, Sweetheart? My heart & Soul with thine,



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