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Sept 10, 1941 Your Present Condition

Vimy Barracks, Kingston

Sept 10, 1941

Hello Sweetheart:

Good gravy; I’d like to know long it takes to receive a letter down there, because by this time you should have received at least five.

Stayed in camp over the weekend. Went to a camp show for something to do Saturday night & they had a garden party Sunday afternoon which, as far as I was concerned, might just as well not have been. I am writing this just before an early supper as I promised to play soft ball this evening. Immediately afterwards I go to the buzzer room to practice again. Be finished about 10 I hope.

Do keep your letters coming Darling, I do look forward to them so much.

Cheerio to you Sweetie,


Vimy Barracks, Kingston

Sept 11, 1941

Dear Sweetheart:

And hows my little Apple Dumpling to-day?

Just another hot day & lots of work, but it’s nice to have a relaxation in rules & regulations. Here we are under a Corporal & we work of our own volition.

Outside my window, at the moment, there's a squirrel (more like a large wharf rat with a foxes tail & as black as pitch). We have any numbers of them here, together with the chipmonks. Darling! I do need those socks. I hope they get here soon.

Tommy Giler & Basil Mallory, you remember them in Aldershot, were down to see me Sunday from Brockville where they are taking a course.

Well Sweet; until tomorrow remember me in your Dreams & may they be Sweet ones,



P.S. Give my Love to your Mother & regards to your Father & Boy. Haven’t had a letter for 4 days. Weakening?

note to reader: (this letter is from Arnold’s sister Nora)


Sept 12/41

Dear Annalea,

I’m going to Ottawa in Dept. of National Defence for Air, next Tuesday morning. Got a telegram and decided I might as well go. I wondered if you’d give me some advice as to what to do when I get there. I hate arriving at the station alone, but I’ve written Jean F. to see of she can arrange to meet me. Have you any suggestions as to boarding or rooming? I was wondering if you’d send me your Aunt’s address and then when I get a place she could tell me if it’s O.K. I’d hate to go to some place with a bad name and start out on the wrong foot.

Jean’s in an apartment with 5 girls, so I imagine that’s enough in one place. Do write often, won’t you, ‘cause I’ll be awfully lonely. The girls in town had me out to dinner Wednesday night at Old Spain and gave me a slip and 2 pairs of crepe hose, then we all (8 of us) went to the dance. It was very nice and all the nicer since it was so unexpected. Give my love to your Mother & Dad. I’m sorry I won’t be able to get down to your place to say good-bye but Chuck is coming to-night & I’ll have to go to Summerside to-morrow to get my clothes, then he leaves sometime Sunday afternoon whenever the boys call- so I guess we’ll have to stay home & wait.

I hope you’ll have time to answer this so I’ll have it by Monday night. Please excuse haste- in a hurry as usual.



Vimy Barracks, Kingston

Sept 13, 1941

Dear Annilea:

I received your package OK. Thanks, Darling. I have been laid up in bed with a bad cold the last few days, therefore you can understand why I do not feel in the least like writing. At the present moment it looks very much as if it would rain, so that at least would be a god send from the heat up here. It’s terrible. No news is good news & that’s about how it stands.

Your letters’ Darling have been a little strung out lately, but just as long as you look after your health& enjoy yourself I can ask nothing else. It’s wonderful to think that when I come home Sweet that I have someone that will put their around me, snuggle up close, & say “I Love you so”. I really mean it. Tomorrow I write a letter.

Love to-night Darling,


Vimy Barracks, Kingston

Sept 25, 1941

Hello Darling,

In a gentler frame of mind I hope, because your letter of yesterday almost sounded as if you were a bit peeved about something, & you know Darling, as well as I do, that it isn’t right for you to get excited like that in your present condition.

Kidding all aside Sweet, perhaps I did let you down a little bit, but Darling, I have been out of camp one night only this week, & then to a show, “Big Store with the Marx Bros,” with a couple of the boys. It’s either buzzer room or study in the evening so I really haven’t had time to even think about Ottawa over the weekend even! But as I think of it more I’m going to put it off another week & to tell you the truth I can’t afford it anyway so perhaps after payday I can do better.

Certainly, Darling, I’m coming home before Christmas. The end of next month to Aldershot. Incidentally, that idea about an apartment is good. Do you happen to have any idea’s as to getting one? If so do so immediately. I’ll see what I can do but if you have any strings to pull do so immediately & see how you come out.

At the present moment there’s a wind blowing that would be a tornado at home.

Secondly, Sweet, you’d better wait till I get home again. Much more pleasant I assure you.

Loads of Love Darling,


Vimy Barracks, Kingston

Sept. 28, 1940


I received your letter last night, after all only the second in a week, but I’m glad you got my letters OK & that it made you feel a bit better. I have just arrived back from Brockville, (60 miles from here) that’s the officer training centre, & met quite a number of lads who belong to P.E.I. & some who used to belong to the P.E.I. L. Horse. I sure am glad that I didn’t have to go there because without exception its one of the hardest camps I ever saw.

Gordon Hyde called in the room about 1:30 & asked me if I’d like to go over with he & another chap & I jumped at the chance of going for a car ride. So help me! On the drive over & back I never saw so many rocks & waste land in all my life with the farm, or should I say stone houses, set in the centre of it. I’m still wondering what they live on.

Oh Darling! How much I’d love to have you right here now. Think! Four weeks or less & we’ll be together again. Keep good care of yourself & Jr. Sweet & just remember he’s just a thought of how much I Love You;

More & More Love,


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