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Sept 22, 1940 That thing called love

Aldershot, N.S.

Dear Annilea:

Are you in training to write a letter that will rip a boys heart asunder? If so Darling, you certainly succeeded with a capital T. How the devil do you expect me to be able to concentrate on my work over here, knowing that you feel as dearly towards me as you do?

Darling! Do you realize that you have to be very serious to be able to write a letter like that & make it sound so convincing?

Sweetheart! You hold to that idea, hold it close to your bosom & never let it go & it will never let you down. You see Dear, I happen to be the other side & therefore I should know just exactly what goes on there. The fact of the matter is kid that the other side is still much stronger but your letter convinces even me that your side is gradually climbing up to a level with with mine & when it does sweetheart you will find the most complete happiness that it is possible for humans to have, a heavenly bliss, away from this old world of strife and struggle to exist, far up among the clouds where our minds can have peace, a blissful peace of that thing called Love & with it a rest which only a few on this earth even dream exist & if they do, know not how to receive.

Leaving you to thoughts of the future & hoping that you will confirm your love for me in your next letter, I now head to foot-ball practise. What is mine is Yours, Darling,



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