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Sept 4, 1941 Toronto World's Fair

Vimy Barracks, Kingston

Sept 4, 1941

To My Darling Angel:

Is there any girl in the world as pretty, as nice, as true blue & loving as Annilea? I defy any man to step up & say there is. His life would be worth exactly the time it would take for him to get the words out. That’s all.

Now that that’s off my chest, I can buck up enough courage to tell you that I bought a new fountain pen, price $1.45, which I got for $1.10 & one bottle of ink which price is .15 cents & which I payed .11 cents for. Are you mad? It seems to write fairly well so perhaps you’ll forgive me.

Now young lady; where’s my laundry? So you’ve been trying to step out with the English lads eh! Perhaps it’s just as well that you’ve gone back to Crapaud. Yes, My Sweet; I know just what you’re up against down there; it must be one hell of a hole. Never mind Darling, your loved one actually does think of you often & he really is very lonesome without you, but gosh Darling, one week is already gone & the rest will go quicker. (The quicker the better). Spent a good bit of the time up in the buzzer room practicing tonight, & so now Darling I must drop Mother, Nora & Dad a line. Good-night Darling & pleasant dreams with me,



Vimy Barracks, Kingston

Sept 5, 1941

Good evening Sweet:

And how is my beautiful darling tonight!

There it comes; the rain I mean. The thunder is getting louder & wow, that was a flash of lightning. Hope this doesn’t hit there Sweet as I know how you hate thunder & lightning. Oh, to be near the Atlantic Ocean. At least you can breathe down there. It gets so close & muggy up here. It really isn’t as bad as that up here with the St. Lawrence bordering on our front lawn.

Darling! Your picture as it looks at me seems to say:

“Arnold I do love you so; promise me you’ll always be true to me.” My answer to that is, Sweet, always. Both you & Junior will never have to worry on that score. Good-nite Darling,



Vimy Barracks, Kingston

Sept 8, 1941

To My Darling & most Adorable Wife,

Even these words seem, in a sense, very lax when I’m describing you; for most assuredly, man never had a more charming or devoted wife than you. It is now, as never before, that I realize just what my wife really means to me. Just plain loneliness is what it comes down too, & over the weekend in Toronto, when I should have been having the time of me life I was doing nothing of the sort, the only bright spot being a game of golf Saturday & Monday mornings. It poured all day Sunday, so I slept in until 2 O’Clock. Took a short walk with Hal after supper & turned in early.

Monday evening Hal, Lillian (his wife) & I went out to the Toronto Worlds Fair. Darling! I’d have given my right arm to have held you there because I know you’d have had the time of your young life, & so doing, together it would have been perfect. But I was alone! Even the house of mirrors which gets a laugh out of everybody, had nothing for me, had to force myself to laugh so my friends would think that I was having at least a little fun. I have a large blonde young highland lassie for you, which at the present moment is reposing in my drawer.

Little Union Station was packed & when I say packed I mean that if you wanted to go anywhere you just stayed put until the crowd took you there themselves. There must have been at least two dozen women who fainted.

I did get one good laugh. Left Toronto for Kingston at 1:55 A.M.. Two other officers had bought a berth to get some sleep on the way home. Train was 18 cars & theirs was the last. Left my baggage with them & went up front. Well! Ten minutes before we reached Kingston at 5:30, I walked back to get my luggage & could I find it? No, nor either of the other Officers. Now for the laugh. The porter woke the boys up about an hour before & told them they are pulling into Kingston, so taking my baggage & all they jumped off & by the time they got up to the station they realized they were only in Napanee (about 25 miles from Kingston) and the train was a mile away.

Now Love I must run. From now on I will try to write you a note every day. Your letters are swell. Heads up chum,

Your Loving Husband,


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